Time flys

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This evening after bathing my first born son on this 4th month birthday. I realize that a lot have past by my life at this moment in time. This decade is an age of progress both in personal and the technology. You need to constantly keep up with what is going or time will pass by you like a rocket travelling the speed of light. Mostly I’m have been developing systems for my own sugar and fertilizer company in this 3 years and managing its to become profitable. Found a wife from china and have a baby. The back-end looks good, what of the front end? well not online i would guest. What is the real social context? online social network or personal face to face. I meet friends whom rarely take the online world seriously, but meeting face to face to more importance to make that relationship much more closer. You can chat with your friends using naver line or wechat. but the forget the person in front of you. Their have given the time to meet you and you let them waiting while you chat away with somebody on the other side of world. That person is like seating alone in room full of people. the world is getting much more closer and getting much distance in the same time. Why is that happening?

I had look at this old blog mine, its starting looking out of date with the design its had. Modern design has become more simplified and metro. The information is getting out of date. My top hit was developing Windows Service using Visual Studio 2008 and that is more then 7 years ago also. I didn’t think that this blog would have more then 1,000 visitors for the next decade when i started it. But ending up have more then 120K visitors, which i’m much impressed myself as i have never look back the this statistics before. And since i stop blogging starting around 2011 as i remembered, visitors started to dropped. Kindly due to the blogged information on the website is becoming irrelevant to modern technology.

google analytics-2008-2015


Now we are looking at Visual Studio 2015 and The coming of Windows 10. Visualization and unified network has been trend for 2010 onward. Looks at today, we are now in the age of software defined network. interesting topics to cover.

I think is now time to start bringing back to life this blogging to help education follows developers, system administrators, visualization administrators, database administrators, storage administrators, network administrators, and data center designers. Wow, that is a lot that has happen in the pass few years.