Working at the speed of thought

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Today as I was replying back my on question on my blog, I came across a YouTube video post about de make of dell precision mobile workstation commercial. De wording reminded me about bill gates book at read back like 15 years ago, as memory serves me de title I think it was “business at de speed of through”. I know this wording has been using way far back then that, but maybe from the Chinese art of war, preferably not a direct translation. De commercial was a perfect representation of what this laptop could achieve; I’m pretty impress by performance that this could produce. This computer is more powerful than my workstation back at home in Thailand, excluding de from the graphic card. It’s an amazing engineering achievement that how could their put some much power into something that I could take with me anywhere. One thing that I maybe not use to is the weight for it to be a laptop, de dell precision m4600 does weight about 6 lbl, while on de other hand my old fujitsu weight only 3 lbl. Weight & size maybe now I could say that it does justify the raw output that it could perform. I’m could maybe need to come revise that statement when I test run moving to another country again and would that work out going through de airports.

Okie, get back to this commercial, first when I was watching it. I was thinking that it was all virtualize computer graphic and it was not capture using a camera duo to it look very unrealistic to procedure a motion that way. This is duo my lack of experience in motion picture. But when this back stage showing show how de commercial was made, I’m must say that I’m interesting in doing something this on my own too. Have a look and see for yourself.

What do you think about it?