Dell Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation – Where is the reviews?

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I have made purchase of the new Dell precision M4600 mobile workstation, but where is could i find anywhere that has written some reviews on the product. I see that some website like Engadget has posted that the product has been reveal to the public. You could now order the new mobile workstation from dell. Ordering that dam thing from dell is nothing story for me.

Well, if you need to know what is my story is. I’m happy to tell you about it. First I order my new laptop from dell this may 18, 2011 and order went through just fine. Dell representation called me to confirm my order is legitimate, everything went through just fine. Microsoft came along and offers a back to school program for any students who purchase a new computer with windows 7 with a valid .edu email or a student id. I have both, so apply the campaign on Dell University and received a promotional code from dell. I called dell to receive my offer with my new dell laptop that is in process of doing something that some pre-production (meaning not start yet). A representative said surely, but I need to cancel my previous order and put in a new order with the new Xbox 360 bundle together. Surely, if you the way to do, go ahead to do it, everything when fine.

Now the bad news coming up after a day, Dell keeps calling me but went to voice mail. I tried calling back, but couldn’t get in touch of the person is calling me. Their extension never gets the person. Emailing that representative that is trying to contact me, but their never reply back. Then I start receiving that my order had been cancel. Now dell people, start calling me every hour to reorder my laptop. But they couldn’t answer who cancel my order. I trying contact the representative from Dell university, and successful got in touch with him to put in my order with my new xbox offer. What I get is that I’m supposed to hold on to my promotional code for the time being. What does that mean!? I’m going to get my xbox or not. The order the laptop went through okie for now.

Still in pre-production right now and estimate delivery is 6/27/2011. Well if by the time I couldn’t find any review for Dell Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation, I would be doing the review myself, so stay tune for future updates on Dell new mobile workstation.