Electronic Customer Relationship Management: Success factors in a funnel sales process dimensional approach



This study has been conducted in order to evaluate the potential impact that ECRM could possible achieved in a global scale and how the momentum that this discipline has advanced into. Also determine the factor which contributes in retaining and satisfying customers in a customer orientation aspects that would in total lower the valuable customer acquisition cost.

Research Philosophy

The research philosophy in this particular study is seamlessly quite straight forward. However, it has been acknowledged that the differences among philosophies have been overlooked upon for conducting this research. Those differences would include the positivism in the epistemology considerations. The epistemological approach would have its own concerning issues and questioning the nature and origin of the knowledge that should it be regarded as acceptable knowledge in this discipline. Another important issue that rises in this context is the question of whether the social science could and should be studied, according to the same principles, procedures, and methodologies. Therefore, using positivism in accepting the knowledge is the distinct in epistemological philosophy as the foundation to continue on examining deeper into the discipline, which would prove to be more objectivist than subjectivist. There is still a greater debut among scholars about how positivism is comprised and there are also authors whom view the term to be describe as very crude and often superficial knowledge comparison.

The role of this research would be to test the theories of already known facts and how to challenge the status quo in a sociological regulate method (Burrell & Morgan, 1979). Given as in this study, Pugh (1983) have described that who research task which are entailing to data collection upon base to generalizable proposition that how data could be tested.

The author in this study had adopted the objectivism side in the epistemological approach by the belief that knowledge in this discipline exists as concrete entities before him upon how data can be collected. In other words, as in this research, data would be collected based upon facts, which lead the development of how the conceptual framework should be. Therefore, as a result, conclusion will be made through the structure of the discipline have outward into and how could it continue on with an objective dimension within them (Bryman & Bell, 2003).

Epistemological approach

The importance in carefully understanding the research approach in conducting this academic investigation is crucial throughout the paper. The theory of epistemology would be to concern with the nature and origin of knowledge, mainly is to ask that how do we know what we know. Burrell and Morgan’s (1979) has help us clarified the understanding of the concept social science by the introduction of sociological paradigmatic studies with the assumption of ground knowledge. This also mean that how would one sort out what is to be regarded as ‘fact’ from what has regarded as ‘belief’. Whilst this part of philosophy studies in social science has been extended to help understanding the social content to much more subject areas; finance (Ardalan, 2003), globalization (Ardalan, 2009), mathematical (Ardalan, 2002), markets (Ardalan, 2007) , supply chain management (Ardalan & Ardalan, 2009), and the world wide web (Tredinnick, 2009). It is true that the conceptualization of social science (Burrell & Morgan, 1979) also includes; ‘ontology’ on the assumption of way in which matters are to be investigated, ‘human nature’ base on the assumption of human relationship in their environment, and ‘methodology’ on the assumption that one has an important consequence in the way that one could attempt to investigate the matter and obtaining crucial knowledge. This set of assumptions that have just been mention would be brief with their respective usage in other section of this research paper.

Among the four paradigms that was introduced by Burrell and Morgan (1979) are the functionalist which have dominant in academic sociology and mainstream academic complexity of the World Wide Web (Tredinnick, 2009). These assumption would lead to the existence in the objective of social science in which could produce a remarkable illuminative and a predictive knowledge of reality context. This is assumes that the scientific theories could be evaluated objectively with reference to empirical evidence. Whilst the other paradigm views of interpretative, radical humanist and radical structuralist are also mention in Burrell and Morgan (1979) sociological paradigm, but that is not major outlook quadrant viewpoint of how this research has been conducted. This paper outlook focus would be to reveal the relationships and patterns that would otherwise be concealed in the social context. While also focus strictly on the outcomes and not on how they are achieved.