What is so what about speech recognition?

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The headline for this post is more or less entreating when you come think about it. The reason why that I use this headline, is no doubly because when using the microphone to dictate what is been posting here. So therefore, it is all things with the recognition capabilities of more modern software applications.

Okay so let’s try using Dragon NaturallySpeaking which is quite an interesting programme, compared to Windows speech recognition which is quite understand what I’m talking about. It seems that the command at the dictation of its Dragon NaturallySpeaking is quite impressive, and using no keyboard and all right now, the corrections are made the using of voice only. The only strange thing about using this kind of this facility, it seems that the computer seemed to understand my grammar in such a way that I don’t you quite understand. I must be speaking in a long sentence so that software that is that when talking about, but the grammar still sound pretty strange in some ways I’m not sure it’s because of I’m talking in a way that the computer does not understand me all the capability of the computer in understanding what I’m talking about.is very quick for me to make a paragraph that is quite long it really a short period of time but the usefulness of this feature I hope it’s not the end of my typing experience on a computer.

Be learning to use this capability in a much more natural way to is it because of my lack of experience, and also primary to my English accent that’s where even the native to have difficulties in understanding what I’m talking that my English accent. In the future be updating telling you about my experience using the naturally speak in capabilities in modernised speech recognition software. But from now or be just introducing to everyone that right now I’ll be start using this capabilities. Thank you for reading up on my blog posts and tune in for more future posts.