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Windows Phone 7: people page

After some using the people page in windows phone 7, I find that linking profile from outlook, windows live, and Facebook is great idea. But to expand on that, is way to identify who is who when trying to link profiles together. Also another great feature would be to a new option to each individual apart from seeing theolir profile and what’s new, what I would like to see that the ability to see that person picture albums that link to his/her profile. Mostly the album would be from windows live and Facebook.

Another type of account added to windows phone 7 people shouldne Skype account. For international perspective of using Skype is the cost saving for international phone calls. While contact list are growing day by day, also everyone having this account, that account is proving to be a big headache. This is a problem for with around 2,000 contacts. Skype can API access for device, Microsoft should use this for their benefits. The option to simplify our life is much appreciated.

If to continue on with this style of linking profiles together, I would recommend Microsoft to add the ability of linking profile in Outlook also. This would be a great feature. the social connector doesn’t seem to cut it after see that windows phone 7 could do with profile linkage.

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