Windows Phone 7

Windows phone 7: marketplace

The marketplace that windows phone 7 has alot of the benefits when you compare it to what Microsoft Has to offer in windows mobile 6.x. De number of applications you would see for De platform is huge and also growing dad by day. While for the pass 2 years, I have seen nothing interesting coming from Microsoft old platform windows mobile.

Opening de new marketplace, I’m interested to see what is new for today, i mean daily. The central place to every one to show off their new idea is interesting. I have seen de idea introduced before, but why does it not take out. Their must be a combination of reason, troughs that is not our topic of dicussion today. I will put forward issue in later post.

As there maybe some minor bugs of de marketplace gateway app itself, failing to start when it hit an error for what ever reason. But de prospective of it future should not be limited to it early bugs in de initial stage of it development.
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