Developing on the move

Have anybody written about their experience while their travelling around. This is because today working requirement as increase in its dynamics and thus making us developer to be more flexible in how would we be keeping up with the demand of the never ending in changes. Sometimes you would need to starting programmer at 5 am in the morning in some hotel of Barcelona before you attend the Mobile World Conference 2010. Yes, that was by personal experience. So that question remain is how does other software developers coup up with demand of today’s ever changing business environment. Answer everyone on how there are getting things might be too much to ask for. Therefore, to make things easy I will suggest how mine is done and then everyone could comment on.

A developer doesn’t work on only one computer all the time and that nowadays you would be working in team of programmers, designers, testers, and managers. So it is important your codes are sync and control with a central source control. When you are not in the office you could pull down the latest code from your company server. For me setup my own personal Team Foundation Server 2010 with my custom build Intel Atom D510MO service. This provides me with the ability to sync my personal software development project between my workstation and Fujitsu S6520 custom modified laptop. The idea was that I have problem moving my projects from one computer to the other my copying the source codes. It made my job much too complicated and projects don’t keep in sync with each other. One thing I find interesting is that now I have find myself doing is commenting on what changes I have down before I check-in my codes on that day. This makes tracking the process of work a much more easily. Furthermore, is that you could populate your work item by debugging your source code and given you more ground to cover before you forget about the thing. When my colleagues come and join on my project, their say that with these things of check-in source code and work item tracking has been a god blessing for them. Therefore, I would personally advise anyone starting their software development with source control, even if it just yourself.

To secure your assets in an environment where it is much important, therefore, your dish drive must be protected with encryption of any type that should be unbreakable with contemporary decryption. For windows, BitLocker should be enabled with TPM on your computer. Also your account to logon to your system must be a strong password pattern. If your find too hard to remember or entering it, I would suggest you have a laptop with fingerprint scan build-in. These will protect you against you losing your laptop and that all your important source code data have been backup on your source control server by check-in your hard work every day.

You value your work; a sense of security must be in place when you are communicating with your source code asset on your server. Downloading and updating your hard work should be protected with secured layer of between your servers. FTP or HTTP is not the way to do it; an extra method of security like VPN should be implemented even if you are uploading your web application in your web server. If you don’t have VPN to your server network, I would suggest you to change your FTP to FTPS or FTP over SSL; which this should make your hard work much safer. There are many stories of companies being hacked with intercepting unsecured electrical communication, so it should be for your best interest to avoid any possibility of the event happening to you.

Wi-Fi network has become something of the pass with some country. 3G and 4G have come to the horizontal of mobile communication. I have travelling in Spain and UK for 4 months and worked off my laptop and 3G has become my main source of constant internet access to my private server network back in Thailand. Download huge files is not practical currently with 3G, but things will change in the future to come just like always.

Suggestions and recommendation above are just for your guideline, if your find a better alternative and you like to provide them for everyone. Please feel free to do so, I would really much appreciate it. I hope you have enjoyed this post.