Developer’s Constitution

I would like to purpose the constitution for the developer nation all around the globe. This declaration is for what developers are entitling of having and how are there to interact with others. Thus, shall not limited to only full time elites among us. But we shall include our entire companionship, which work and play with smart electrical device that we call computer. Companies should make this declaration for a mean to increase productive among us, as a way to increase their profit by limiting their costs by cutting us short on resources, which make us developer lack in creativity. Maybe the kid who is playing their games at home, while their parent are nagging them on why their entertainment instrument is so expensive, further, these kids could now also make their statement to join our nation that presented their basic rights. Hoping that mention of kids does not make this purpose loss it credibility.

I make this a legalize form of decoration. We would need our fellow citizens to also sign their consentient in the commenting area of this digital legal public document. This page will be accessible throughout the world. If any organization has intentionally block access to this site, therefore, making them liable of not following our laws and shall be courted to compensate for our legal rights.

Article 1 Every developer shall have triple monitors

LCD monitors are starting to become really cheap nowadays, which make the benefit of inheriting multiple workspaces prove to be more productive then the cost that is implied of purchasing such setup. Many evident of productivity have been documented in many studies by academic research on productivity. Developers would be able to code in the central monitor and referencing their programming structure in the left hand side by just moving their eye in another direction, while for the output results could be seen in the right hand side. This kind of setup gives you the environment similar to driving a car, your center is the direction that you are intended to go, while the side windows is to help guide you safely. The wider the prospective of your viewing, then the wider your vision will be, therefore, making the purpose of this article as sound as rock.

Article 2 Every developer shall have a fast workstation

Personal computer nowadays has become a commodity, just like sugar, salt, and flower. Most people would have minimum of a basic PC. While the price are dropping in almost every aspect in the computer industry, and purchasing a system that is capable is meeting the demand of a developer has become more affordable. The computer as evolve much more then what a developer needs, this is talking about like 32 core workstations (Intel Xeon 4 processor with 8 cores each). What a developer will need is workstation of their choice, either a Mac or a PC. But it must be fast as possible, near top of the line to be exact. The time that we need to wait for the complier to build, is the mostly waste of our creative time. If the organization that employ us know that wisely way to invest with their money with developer is to make their them have access to the fastest available tools in the market possible. Other thing that has to be mention is that developer should have a build service pool of server to off load their build process from their workstation, which provide them to continue on programming until the build is complete and ready for testing. This makes the workflow of developing an uninterrupted process. For personal recommendation is that the developer should have a Solid State Drive (SSD) for OS disk operating system, this make the IO access to the disk to much more presidential dimension in the current market. This technology cuts the build time from minutes to mere seconds.

Article 3 Every developer shall have secondary mobile work unit

Today’s world, we evolve into a social network and making us connected all the time in anywhere on globe. If you have idea when you are having a shower at home and you cannot wait to get back into the office on morning before you forget your new idea you just thought of. Therefore, this justifies the right of a developer with to a laptop computer that is powerful enough to meet the demand of developing on the go. The concept of working on move might not be such amazing to you as whole. This is maybe some among us work develop on a laptop as their main work unit, but for developers to be at most productive and to enable them to follow article 1 of this decoration for triple monitor productivity. As this article suggest, developer need access to a secondary mobile workstation for them to be able to put their moment idea into working project. Further, this mobile work unit most is able to securely connect into the office deposits of codes that each developer is working on. Most organization would implement VPN as medium for this article to work and meet their requirement in securing business assets. The purpose of this article would give the developer freedom to work in environment as he/her feels fit and give them the flexibility of time that is most productive to them.

Article 4 Every developer shall have an always on fast internet connection

Google as become our major source of information, but it is not limited to one search engine. What medium that you preferred is entirely up to you. While, the primary reason for a developer to have access to very fast internet connection is because the world has evolved into information sharing community. Most little issue that you are inheriting might be a contemporary issue among other developers. Most forums would be the place for you look for a solution on what you are looking. Also currently video streaming has become another way to learn quickly without all the time to start reading the entire technical document. Furthermore, stream has become more accessible and free to viewer, thus, making the justification for a having a very internet connection more reasonable. Another benefit that would give support to this article is that you could now download large trial software, this provide the developer to evaluate new and emerging tools that would help them widen their vision of prospective in how to program in a more productive and creative environment.

Article 5 Every developer shall have input device of their choice

Today the ecosystem of input device as evolve far more then we could have imagined. We are not just talking about your mouse and keyboard here, but we are talking about the total ecosystem. We have seen input device that would facilitate us in our work, input such as pen input for illustrator, touch screen monitor for direct input from your hand. This is for the developer to decide on what are their preferred device and the brand of his choice. The reason for this, that is because the developer has the quality input device of his liking, thus, result in a more relax environment for him to program in. Also another import fact that make this article a must apply is that if we are have the device that we like, we shall like after that working instrument with the most loving that we could possibly can, thus, reflex craftsmanship and determination within us. This translates in much fewer purchases for broken input device and lowering the bottom line of the organization cost section. Therefore, for any sensible organization would follow the legal requirement of this article.

Article 6 Every developer shall be able to work in the environment of their choice

Some people might like to work at home and logon into the company corporate network to be able to work. While others might like to work at the office where they could meet and interact with other people whom are their colleagues. But finally this is entirely the individual preferred of each human being. If any organization would provide their developer with the flexibility of the working environment of their choosing, the direct result would be in the productivity of the developer and hope newly creativity would occur within their work.

Article 7 Every developer shall have a really comfortable space

Working with a confortable work space would mean the computer work desk, the chair that they would be sitting in for 8 hours a day, and how the way the room is setup. If these work conditions provide a comfortable work space for the developer, the organization shall see direct result in the work of the developer. The program would have fewer bugs and the programming could be done much faster. While another part of the study show that business could decrease their cost if their developers are much healthier and do get ill just because of the work condition that they work in. This translates back into increase in morale and creativity.

Article 8 Every developer shall have an uninterrupted working environment

Some might like to work in a quiet atmosphere, while other would like to work with some music playing near to their ears. This is entirely up to them to choose. But one thing shall must be remain the same is that they must not be interrupted by anybody. The boss should provide them with a period of time that they could confines their mind to what are there to do. This includes no communication with their colleagues, girlfriend, wife, business partners, and others. Better, is that there should turn off their mobile phone, signoff out of their messenger, close their Outlook, and other communication means. Also this includes putting sign on their door that working is in progress. Just make 3 hours a day, and see how this proposes article will live up to its justification.

This decoration for developers should cover the basic need that would enable “we the developer” to work in a much more productive and creative way possible. If any organization do not follow these legal obligations, thus, making them liable under the court law under the developer nation of creative elites. This decoration provides the basic and high law of our nation, while that if any bill which result in conflict with any of the above mention articles shall be claim void as justification. Modification to this decoration must be done by the popular among its developer’s citizens, which agrees on changing, adding, or deletion of any article to this decoration with vote of more than 50 percentages of all voters whom cast they vote.