What is missing from Visual Studio 2010 Data-Tier Application?

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Making a statement that there is something wrong with what Microsoft has to offer in its new release for the SQL Server data-tier application template that was introduce with Visual Studio 2010. Well, I have been developing a project for a period of 3 years. This particular project involves communicating with a database server, therefore making continue changes to the structure of tables and relationship among them is a constant requirement for me. But, I have grown custom to the design mode that is presented in both Visual Studio and SQL Management.

In following image, I have an illustration of what I’m talking about. As you can see in this image, is that the Data-Tier Application can only at this moment edit tables with transactional sql. While on the other hand, you edit the table definition from Server Explorer within Visual Studio. If you have become dependent on the design mode, you would find that utilizing the concept of the data-tier peaty incomplete.

If somehow, Microsoft made an updates in featuring to be able to customize the schema with a more graphic user interface would be much welcome. But before then, I’ll still editing the database directly.