How does feel like to code in a triple monitor setup?

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Some people might say that you should use what you have got already and utilize it to your maximum potential. True to these words, but after studying the scenario for some time and providing the availability of my old computer monitors from difference systems. I find myself with the same screen model SyncMaster 740B from Samsung monitors, three to be accreted. So I went have crabbed another display from one of old computer again and join it with my current system. Set everything up and ready and fire them along. Finally to let you see what does the whole thing like, I have attached picture of how this present in a panoramic view of my board room. First when I only had 2 monitors, it didn’t feel as much productive as it had. Why? This is because you will have your focus attention to one screen, which position on the right side of your main display. When is come as your situation, you will have to your setting position just to make use of the second screen.

So why is the setup with three monitor will much better then two (don’t talk about one)? Well, as you mainly sit in the center our workspace and make main use of your center monitor and have your tools and output either left or right of your center main focus. Then when you do need to shift your attention to select control to be entered into your main work area, and if you need to look at your output, you could just simply look to the left.

So who would benefit the most out of this setup in the dimension of a business prospective? I would offer my two cent, by introducing you to my use of Visual Studio 2010. Luckily when I have the opportunity to set this up, Microsoft has made multiple monitors support for Visual Studio a first priority. Which I must say, it does make my life much easier, as you can see the following print screen of mind, most of my primary workspace of open and ready to use at my disposal.