Sorry, that I have disappear for so long

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Hola, everybody. Long time no see as what our Chinese friends would say. I was in Barcelona, Spain for 6 months. Oh, for non-EU residence your life with the internet is like a living hell. This is especially true when your work is the internet. Well, if you are from the EU you can just go and apply for N.I.E. at the police office and a week you will get your number sent to your home (but some say that you will get your actual number on the day you apply, and the certificate sent to your home address). For non-EU people like me, you will need a visa for Spain with time of stay more than 6 months (180 days) and that you can work for that visa. My Visa was 180 days and no work permitted, so can’t apply for N.I.E.

Why is N.I.E. so important here in Spain, well if you don’t have this number you simply can’t apply for anything is contract able! That mean no internet, no bicycle, and everything will double the price and half the quality. I mean everything!! An Ok not the restaurant, but tourist place isn’t what you would like to go for dinner. Try to find local Cataluña places, which are your best option. One of my favorite restaurants are La Bombeta and La Taverna d’en Pep en Barceloneta . Actually I haven’t found anything better than these 2 places that will much the price. Mostly anything in Barcelona is for tourists and the prices are sky rocket.

I’m not much of a writer; I will just wrap it up for now. Then I could continue back on my technical stuff that I must prefer J