Leadership Styles

The word ideal manager is sound such like an art, a combining numerous styles of leadership into one person. Being able to master all type of leadership for the right organization and for the right time is critical in order to become an ideal manager. Therefore being an ideal manager for me is being very dynamic individual with the ability to react on difference situations and requirements. By understanding leadership styles from transactional to transformational leadership, whilst contain numerous sub leading style forming a roadmap. Where we have autocratic, which is based upon military practices management approach, employees are told what task to execute and how to do execute it. Follow by bureaucratic approach, where transparence of the management role to crucial. Both of these styles enforce boundary of the apprentice ability to creativity, but in contradiction enforce job speed of progress. Task-oriented style of leadership is build upon the first two, but will spare little thought for the well being of the teams. Charismatic leadership will show enthusiasm into his team, and very energetic in driving the team forward. But if the leader is absence, the team will at risk. Now moving on to the French term Laissez-faire management style, where manager are to leave their colleagues to get on with their work by providing regular communication and constant monitoring. People-oriented is opposite to task-oriented; the leader is totally focused on organizing, supporting, and developing people of the managerial level. Follow by Servant management style, where you develop your team by upon the team’s needs, the whole to tend to be involved in decision-making. Lastly the democratic style of leadership, where the whole team is to contribute to the decision making process, when by the end the democratic leader will make the final decision.

Now that we have covered a great deal of background in leadership style, therefore we now can look into my ideal manager specifications. Previously mention that an ideal manager will have to be feasible to the team and task at hand in order to achieve this status, therefore he will have weight on what manage approach to apply from a range of leadership style.

For me being an entrepreneurial type person, I find myself excelling to the transformational leadership style. Indicating that my ideal manager will have to show democratic, servant, people-oriented, and most of all charismatic management style. Being able to enthusiastic the organization to vision, missions, and goals, based upon a cleared strategic plan. Then using laissez-faire to regularly communication and monitor with my management team that I have created based upon developing them to excel on their ability using people-oriented approach. Having to show freedom of work, now my apprentice will show visible creativity and quality of work. But in final there must be a decision made by the ideal manager if the team has not been able to come to a conclusion, therefore be a democratic manager for the final decision-making process.

Contradicting to personal preference of an ideal manager would be if the organization must completed a critical task within a limited time constrains, therefore transactional leadership style would be required. Having to force upon procedure to the employee would execute the task at hand with only the decision of the decision-maker manager, therefore the success of the executing the task wills reliant upon manager alone.

Giving that an ideal manager would need to be dynamic to react to changes and needs, therefore he or she would need to range their management style from my preferred preference of entrepreneur transformation leadership right down to my opposite admired transactional management approach based upon the organization needs and the mission at hand.