Thailand State of emergency again!!

Today my country Prime Minister has declare State of emergency again November 28, 2008 at 19:30, while broadcasting to the general public at 21:00 GMT+7 local time. This is because the PAD (People Association for diplomatic) has taken stage over both of our international airport Donmuang and Suvannapurn since November 27, 2008. This same PAD has also taken control over our government house around 2 months ago; the government could not do anything to prevent that stage and over throve of that country building. The reason for this is that the government is afraid to use force on the PAD, in which all diplomatic does not agree on, negotiation has not work on this people. Why? Because their goal is to overtake the government by force, but the PAD is calling it “disobedience” and overtake key country position by using mass amount of people. Is this what diplomacy is about election by the people more than half of the country, and overtaken by a group of individuals who say that people vote is brought by politicians of the government. Can people be that uneducated? Our country has 60% collage graduation rate, that more than half population.

I like to know what does you fully developed country think about this. Should we use our police to dissolve the group of individuals PAD? Or conclude to their claim to revoke the government? Or even let the military take control of the state power by mean of a coup again?