eNom DynamicDNS Updater

eNom registered domain name have a special service called Dynamic DNS, in which the current Dynamic IP address that you have been assigned to from your internet service provider, can be update to eNom API. But to use that API easily and with flexibility, on your domains and host record list, therefore I created this Freeware for my personal usage. Seeing the potential that it would be in great for others, so I will be posting this software for public used, the use of this software is non-guaranteed, and the company I work for neither me is hold liable in anyway



  • Run the installer in “Run as Administrator” mode for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Made sure that the service to turn on to “Automate” and status is “Started” for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Main features

Version 1.0.2

  1. BUG: Startup Type saving error
  2. BUG: Config file loading

Version 1.0.0

  1. Run as a native Windows Service
  2. Single execute for both service and management console
  3. Unlimited host record per domain
  4. Unlimited domains
  5. Update timer range { “5 mins”, “10 mins”, “15 mins”, “30 mins”, “1 hour”, “2 hours”, “3 hours”, “4 hours”, “6 hours”, “12 hours”, “1 day” }
  6. The service management – Start, Stop, Status, Startup type
  7. Can force update IP address now
  8. Update the host record A record with your current public IP address

In order to update your domain host record, first that domain name must be set a password. Go to the Edit General Settings of that domain that you want to use Dynamic DNS service, in the Set Access Password, enter a password and re-type it again, than save.

I hope you find this software of mine useful, please post any comment to me in order to make the software much better.