Outlook 2007 Mobile Service – The Development

I like to introduce my service that I have been programming for the pass 2-3 months, call ZendSMS Outlook 2007 Mobile Service, which the primary goal is for you to send and receive short message directly from Microsoft Outlook 2007 to any mobile on the globe. Also you are able to send Multimedia Message (MMS), with full graphics, animation, and audio. And best of all Alert Notification to your mobile when important email arrived or appointments that are due, setup and installation are also quick and easy to do.

I try to make the services as secured as possible first of all communication between your Outlook software and ZendSMS servers are encrypt with SSL 256 bits from C-O-M-O-D-O, a global trusted provider. And the communication between ZendSMS services to all network operators are done through a secured network channel or a dedicated connection line.

As for account signup are going to be free, also you will receive 10 free test credits to try the service out. If you like service, you can purchase additional credits at any time. The credits do not expire and no monthly minimum requirement of usage, therefore providing you the option to purchase up in bulk credits, to take benefit of the discount advantage.

For receiving short message you are also requirement to purchase a virtual number, which you can set as your incoming international number, and then the message will be delivered as SMS icon into your Outlook inbox and/or forwarded to your mobile phone.

I like to know does anyone have any comments on my project. Please do comment J