Host Website from ADSL with Dynamic DNS

Have any of you have even think of having a web server seating right at home? I did! Here i’m going to show you have to setup a network that your webste visitor can access your real top level domain website directly from your home (or office) without any Dynamic DNS client updater installed on home network, i don’t trust 3rd-party software that much, most of the time something like i would programmed it myself. First i will give some background why i wrote this post.

Here when I developing my website which first I hosted the site at, but came to found that I can’t modify most system and that I’m getting a 500 internal error from my SMS gateway callback. That I feel really bad due to that I have signup for 1 year hosting and also purchase an SSL certificate with it (bored like a duck, Thai saying). Ok then I had looked at some Virtual Private Server, I found that there are still Windows Server 2003, not Windows Server 2008 with IIS7 yet (A good Win2K8 VPS treads are for next year). Due to that I’m developing on Vista with IIS7 and .Net 3.5, I don’t want to risk another $400 for another annual contract. Therefore I test it my server at home that I have Win2K3 with .Net 3.5 to test it with, great it work perfectly. Let the gateway callback to my home server through my dynamic sub-domain that I signup with, again my server is updating the database with no error 500 to the gateway. This was good news to me, but then I came to think to install Dynamic DNS updating client to my server to update my home ADSL to my domain Really their charging like $50 for a software that developed 2 years ago my company to download free (sorry, the service is now removed, anybody interested please comment me).

Due to that I don’t want to install anything onto my server, it made me thinking can link my second-level-domain ( with my dynamic sub-domain from First URL Frame, not it doesn’t work due that don’t get sub-directory shown into browser and that you can’t use SSL. Secord URL Redirect still no, because I need the SSL for my website domain, not my sub-domain. Then it came CNAME host record, this worked. Why? Because CNAME is answered by the nameservers as an IP, and that you can the CNAME of the domain with FQDN (Fully Qualify Domain Name) of any other server. And that a sub-domain of is FQDN, which will answer back with the Dynamic IP address of my ASDL line.

First of all create an account with, and create to dynamic hostname;

Then go to your ADSL router that supports Dynamic DNS (mostly that support or, setup your router correct;

Then configure your router to forward all ports to your server, that you have configured and internal static IP address in a private subnet.

Also don’t forget to allow income access from the internet at your router and on your server (BOTH), to pass income TCP port like HTTP/80, HTTPS/443, FTP/20-21, or RCP/3389 (Remote Desktop).

From this can try accessing your server from external network to your server from your Dynamic DNS sub-domain from, this must work first from this point (if you open your dynamic sub-domain from your home network, mostly you get your router admin control panel, not your server).

Then when you get everything working, go your domain name DNS (host record) management, is a nice place where you get Free DNS hosting service with your domain name purchase (I work here). Enter the FQDN of your dynamic sub-domain (don’t forget the dot at the end of the domain, also don’t enter http, just enter domain name), make sure have select the record type as CNAME (Alias).

You can host your mail server at home, but I don’t like to go in too much detail right now, if anybody interested comment me to write about it.

Now you have domain open your website from your server at home, here mine.

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