What is International Domain Name or IDN?

International Domain Name or for short IDN is a domain that is non Latin character, which is encoded as ASCII encoding. An IDN domain will originally be encoded as Penny Code, classify by RCF3490. The Internet Web Browser will be the one in translating the Native Non English character (UTF-8 formatting) into Penny Code, then using the Penny Code domain name to query the DNS server for the IP Address.

For an example the following domain name สยามรัฐ.com as you can see in the figure is type in as native non English character.

Native encoding

You internet web browser will translate the native domain into Penny Code domain.

Penny Encoding

As you can see that your internet web browser will do the work for you to comply with ICANN standard. Also please note that if you wish to show native character in the web address bar always can be done at our setting up for International Domain Name webpage, and letting the web browser translate the native domain into Penny Code domain behind the scene.