Setting up for International Domain Name (IE7)

First of all international domain name are not set up in your internet explorer due to security concern and localization, therefore in order to active this feature in your browser you are manually set it up. As you can see that if you have not set your browser for your local language, for example from one our customer สยามรัฐ.com the browser will show as xn— This form of domain name is code called the Punny Code domain name; it is the original domain name that is registered with us. The native character of your local language is encoded in UTF-8; the web browser will translate this UTF-8 domain name into Punny Code domain name.

domain uft-8 encoding

To active to localize language left click on the International Domain Name icon (IDN icon ) and you will see the following popup from the icon;

International Website Address

From here you select the “Adjust language settings” by left clicking on it, and you will the language preference window. As you can see that you only have included “English (United State) [en-US]”, this is why in your web browser will show your native domain name into punny code domain.

Langauge Perference

To add the language of your option into your web browser, select the “Add…” button. The Add language will appear, find and select language that you wish to included as your native language domain name to this display. For the purpose of this demo, ours is “Thai (Thailand) [th-TH]” then select the “OK” button.

Select Langauge

As you can see you have added the language that you want to show as native language, it will show up in the language preference here. After you have added all the local language that you would like to show as native character select the “OK” button.

Langauge Perference with Thai

After you have added your localization language to display as their local native character, your address bar in your web browser will show your domain name in it native character.

Domain name Penny encoding