International Domain Name Registration Services


I hate to say that IDN registrations are most likely to be finding as a minor service not a primary service. I did a Google Search on this IDN topic, I find that are so little on this service and if there are any whom are providing any. Is not professionally design for customers trust, therefore to help who are interested in this topic of registering international domain name I create a development website http://IDN.LA/, which stand for International Domain Name Language Administration.

I think I will complete the website by October 2008, if I have the time. I will offer free unlimited 5GB Windows Live Hotmail account for whom registering domain with the site, its IDN enable so that you can use your IDN domain. The website will feature ASP.NET 3.5 and AJAX, Well this Web 2.0 standard now days.

I hope this will be good to whom is interested in the service. Also it would be great if you tell your interest in IDN.

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