IE8 and IDN

I was thinking about the support that IE8 had for International Domain Name (IDN), so I did Google search on this. Interesting to find that the IE8 beta 2 that is coming out has build in support with the protection of from deceptive website. This is nice to hear, because spam site using Latin characters fault visitors to believe that the website the real one.

Security is often where the trust discussion begins. Narrowly, security in this context means “as the user browses the web, the only code that runs on the user’s machine is code that the user allows to run”. For example, when the user visits “” the site should not be able to just run “virus.exe” and infect the user’s machine with malware. IE7 made a lot of progress on security, starting with Protected Mode and developing IE to be “secure by design, secure by default” as part of the following SDL requirements. IE7 was the first browser to support Extended Validation certificates to help protect users from deceptive websites, as well as delivering anti-phishing protection, International Domain Name support with protection from deceptive websites, a richer SSL experience and support for stronger SSL cipher algorithms, ActiveX opt-in, and great integration with Parental Controls in Windows Vista. We have done even more security work in IE8 to address the evolving threat environment.

Source: IE8 and Trustworthy Browsing