F# Hello World

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Hi! Everyone I will be introducing the topic of Functional Programming with F# base on the .NET Framework. I see that from now on they is potential that parallel computing is becoming a main stream for programming in the near future, as you can see that CPU are not getting faster in GHz, but are going by Moor’s Law in that the chip transistor will double in every 18 months, that mean that concurrency of the processer increase but not the processing speed. In the past we have be mostly programming in sequential matter, utilizing a single threat method of the CPU. Now that computer is multithread, you can assign job to a thread pool, provide access to parallelization task processing. To make it simple parallelization is like letting 10 people help build a house, which is much faster than a one man show, but it does not mean it going to be actually 10 times faster, this is because of collaboration.

Here I like to introduce you into Microsoft Research F# Project. Let us programming our first F# project, like the norm these days, is the hello world, let’s start;



printfn “Hello World”


open System


This looks easy right? Wait that I get into more details in later posts.