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Domain Parking with Active Parking

I was using Sedo domain parking service for about half a year with 50 domains, earning $17.59 for the whole. God this can’t even pay for the domain cost that I’m need to pay to eNom. So I decide to develop my own Domain Parking service. I call it Active Parking; here you can have a look at I build the system with SEO in mind, it seem to the standard of developing a website these days. Well the results are that in 15 days, I get Google AdSense revenue of $ 19.43. Great! 8% of the time and 10% more the profit, these make me feel a lot better. I have don’t know is Sedo with playing with me or that my domain name are in so bad shape.


Umm, thinking if anyone is interested in my Active Parking system. Currently right now it’s got the following features.

·         Custom description meta tag for each domain

·         Custom keywords meta tag for each domain

·         Custom page title for each domain

·         Custom page about for each domain

·         Custom top search on the top right corner for each domain

·         External link into from other domain in the system

Right now I only have on global admin system, if this service is to be implementing for service I will have to develop a share admin system for your guys to admin your domain. It looks promising.

Also if main idea for revenue generating to parking system to provide ads revenue for the domain owner, so if anyone is interested you can implement your own Google AdSense account into the system. Therefore I can earn a little of 3% from your guys Google AdSense account this is to cover my web hosting cost.

Well first I will need to do a market search. Can you guys please me vote in this poll.

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