C# 4.0 Dynamic & Functional

I was watching on MSDN Channel 9 about C# 4.0 meet the design team,. I was thinking that umm dynamic language, JavaScript has been dynamic in define a variable for 8 years as I recall, but this non-type feature of JavaScript bring in of much bugs and maintaining of the script. Again JavaScript are build to do little things, and to be sent off trough the network utilizing the lowest bandwidth possible. Java is not of the great programming language for performance; as I remember Corel develop an Office Application Suite in Java trying to go on the Write Once, Run Anywhere hype, but die in responsiveness.

Functional programming language is also starting to pick off, I like the F# project, personally have not look into the detail that much. I still prefer to do thing the C# way much more, but recently I researching my Hunt for Prime Number, using a sequel language to an enormous and complex calculation in finding the largest Mersenne prime is take too much of C# static nature, using threading tend to complicate things. Therefore if the design team could come up with nice solution to implement functional feature into a static programming language, and utilizing concurrency on the CPU process power would be great.