Time flys

This evening after bathing my first born son on this 4th month birthday. I realize that a lot have past by my life at this moment in time. This decade is an age of progress both in personal and the technology. You need to constantly keep up with what is going or time will pass by you like a rocket travelling the speed of light. Mostly I’m have been developing systems for my own sugar and fertilizer company in this 3 years and managing its to become profitable. Found a wife from china and have a baby. The back-end looks good, what of the front end? well not online i would guest. What is the real social context? online social network or personal face to face. I meet friends whom rarely take the online world seriously, but meeting face to face to more importance to make that relationship much more closer. You can chat with your friends using naver line or wechat. but the forget the person in front of you. Their have given the time to meet you and you let them waiting while you chat away with somebody on the other side of world. That person is like seating alone in room full of people. the world is getting much more closer and getting much distance in the same time. Why is that happening?

I had look at this old blog mine, its starting looking out of date with the design its had. Modern design has become more simplified and metro. The information is getting out of date. My top hit was developing Windows Service using Visual Studio 2008 and that is more then 7 years ago also. I didn’t think that this blog would have more then 1,000 visitors for the next decade when i started it. But ending up have more then 120K visitors, which i’m much impressed myself as i have never look back the this statistics before. And since i stop blogging starting around 2011 as i remembered, visitors started to dropped. Kindly due to the blogged information on the website is becoming irrelevant to modern technology.

google analytics-2008-2015


Now we are looking at Visual Studio 2015 and The coming of Windows 10. Visualization and unified network has been trend for 2010 onward. Looks at today, we are now in the age of software defined network. interesting topics to cover.

I think is now time to start bringing back to life this blogging to help education follows developers, system administrators, visualization administrators, database administrators, storage administrators, network administrators, and data center designers. Wow, that is a lot that has happen in the pass few years.

Windows 2012 R2 Automatic Virtual Machine Activation

Things that make life much easier is system administrator is automation and Windows 2012 R2 has made mush simpler in this propose with AVMA or Automatic Virtual Machine Activation.

For any virtual machines using the following product key on activated Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V will be automatically activated also.

Edition AVMA key
Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Y4TGP-NPTV9-HTC2H-7MGQ3-DV4TW
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard DBGBW-NPF86-BJVTX-K3WKJ-MTB6V
Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials K2XGM-NMBT3-2R6Q8-WF2FK-P36R2

Working at the speed of thought

Today as I was replying back my on question on my blog, I came across a YouTube video post about de make of dell precision mobile workstation commercial. De wording reminded me about bill gates book at read back like 15 years ago, as memory serves me de title I think it was “business at de speed of through”. I know this wording has been using way far back then that, but maybe from the Chinese art of war, preferably not a direct translation. De commercial was a perfect representation of what this laptop could achieve; I’m pretty impress by performance that this could produce. This computer is more powerful than my workstation back at home in Thailand, excluding de from the graphic card. It’s an amazing engineering achievement that how could their put some much power into something that I could take with me anywhere. One thing that I maybe not use to is the weight for it to be a laptop, de dell precision m4600 does weight about 6 lbl, while on de other hand my old fujitsu weight only 3 lbl. Weight & size maybe now I could say that it does justify the raw output that it could perform. I’m could maybe need to come revise that statement when I test run moving to another country again and would that work out going through de airports.

Okie, get back to this commercial, first when I was watching it. I was thinking that it was all virtualize computer graphic and it was not capture using a camera duo to it look very unrealistic to procedure a motion that way. This is duo my lack of experience in motion picture. But when this back stage showing show how de commercial was made, I’m must say that I’m interesting in doing something this on my own too. Have a look and see for yourself.

What do you think about it?

Dell Precision M4600 – Review

Now after some playing around with this little baby, snap in a nice crucial ssd 256GB from my old laptop for good IO performance demand applications (like a internal database, photoshop, visual studio). So i installed it clean with Windows 7 Professional x64, got all the drivers installed and everything working as it should. The screen is set to 1920×1080 using 125% font size, but removing the XP style DPI scaling. So truefont make everything clear and sharp, not more pixel dots now.

I trying to upload some more video, but seem to slow down my whole internet. Youtube need to a way for me to upload with speed control limit. This is making whole internet experience really bad at the moment. Oh, now the first video is uploaded.

Okie, let talk about the specification in the general of i ordered from Dell that come with this laptop. Its is a Dell M4600 meaning that the screen ratio size is 15.6 inches. I got the core-i7 model with premium graphic card. The main reason i get this model is because of the $826 discount + coupon and raw power that i would get from this little baby. For the final demand cost for is $2453.42 including taxs (free shipping).

Here is the full technical specification of the laptop.

Processor Intel® Core™ i7-2720QM (Quad Core 2.20GHz,6M cache) with Turbo BoostTechnology 2.0
Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Professional,SP1,w XP Mode, No Media, 64-bit, English
Productivity Software No Productivity Software
Graphics NVIDIA® Quadro® 2000M with 2GB GDDR3
Memory 4.0GB, DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM, 2 DIMMS
just upgraded to 16GB corsiar
LCDs 15.6″ UltraSharp™ FHD(1920×1080) Anti-Glare LED-backlit with Premium Panel Guarantee
Security Software None
RAID Configuration All Hard Drives, Non-RAID, 1 or 2 drive total configuration
Primary Storage 256GB Crucial SSD
Secondary Storage None
Media Bay Devices 8X DVD+/-RW Slot Load w/Roxio and Cyberlink PowerDVD™, no media
Primary Battery 9-cell (97Wh) Lithium Ion Battery
Wireless LAN (802.11) Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 802.11a/b/g/n and 802.16e Half Mini Card
Bluetooth Dell Wireless® 375 Bluetooth Module
Camera / Microphone Light Sensitive Webcam and Noise Cancelling Digital Array Mic
Mobile Broadband Dell Wireless™ DW5630 Multi-mode HSPA-EVDO Mini Card (Gobi™ 3000) with GPS
Internal Keyboard Internal English Backlit Keyboard
Fingerprint Reader Options Internal Swipe Fingerprint Reader and Contactless Smartcard Reader
Systems Management Intel vPro™ Technology’s Advanced Management Features
Energy Star/E-PEAT Gold Energy Star 5.0/E-PEAT Gold

The weight is of laptop, first made me think twice of returning it to dell or not. but after trying to use for awhile make me think about the benefits of me using such a fast mobile system with me on my working trips. If i like to browse the web on de bed, i should just a tablet. So I will keep her for now.

Umm, a another way to update video to youtube that seem okie, is using Live Movie Maker direct publish. Better but not the best solution that i’m looking for.

The next video here is inside exploration of this laptop and see how does the component look like under the hood. Seeing my Bluetooth, Wifi a/b/g/n, 3G (mobile internet), 4G (WiMax) all installed inside there without me modifying it myself. This is such dream connectivity unit as it should be.

Let’s the boot time of this baby. I find it unacceptable slow for the this computer to boot into work that slow.

For benchmark results, you might be expecting for results of the campaign. but never less to say the resulting is by far not bad for a laptop competing against desktop rigs. which have full blow cpu and graphic cards. Considering that is still a mobile computer and compacting four times the raw processing comparing to my old rig back in Thailand.

Dell Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation UNBOX

Just got my new mobile workstation today. So i’m thinking of sharing my experience for the first time here with you. When i get some more usage of the baby, i will upload so more videos. So for now, stay tune after i have beer and play with her over this weekend.

Edit: If anybody is interesting in a much more detail look at the mobile workstation then to see my personal obsession in opening up this baby. Then go directly to my review.